Best Pizzas in Cartagena

In the buzzing and upcoming neighborhood of Getsemani, not only did we discover one of the best pizzas in Cartagena, but the overall experience was great – the name, “Di Silvio Trattoria“!

We’ve been here many times and I have to say, it’s always great food, friendly service and always packed with tourists and locals (best reserve in the weekend)! The best seats are in the indoor patio (where the ceilings are high), at the back of the restaurant, where exotic plants are embraced by led lights which in turn, create a wonderful, romantic atmosphere (right at the back, there’s open roof seating).

There is a wide range of pizzas (click here for menu on Tripadvisor). You can also choose half of one pizza and half of another (you pay for the highest priced pizza). Some personal favorites are the Pizza Trattoria (caramelized onions), Pizza Diavolo (spicy meats) and Pizza Prosciutto. All pizzas have a thin crust and fresh ingredients. Prices are also relatively low ranging from 14.000 – 26.000 pesos (click to convert) and a bottle of Chardonnay is 45.000 pesos (click to convert) – which in Cartagena, is cheap compared to other places. (Click here if you’d like to convert prices). We’ve been here on different days and on a Friday we had live Caribbean music. Last but not least, the service is very friendly and very efficient.

Bonus: Not only is this one of the best pizzas in Cartagena, but if you’re really hungry, try the delicious Mozzarella and Prosciutto crostini’s (similar to a Bruschetta). These were packed with flavor and crunch!

Update: The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

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