Crepes y Waffles in Cartagena

Crepes y Waffles is one of the most popular restaurants in Colombia.



It started in 1980, in Bogota, when a couple University students decided to launch their own restaurant business, in the style of a traditional French crêperie. Over the years, it’s been so successful that Crepes y Waffles has become one of the largest restaurant chains in Colombia.


What’s Special

It is known for it’s affordable yet high quality crepes, as well as being known for only hiring single women and “women in need”. There are multiple Crepes y Waffles in Cartagena.

Below are my pluses & minuses for this highly praised crêperie:

Plus points
– The crepe combinations are truly “yum!” (e.g. ranging from salmon, chicken, beef but also of course sweet products like Nutella, sugar powder, etc.)
– There is large choice of really good, fresh, fruit juices (e.g. mango, raspberry, strawberry, orange, lulo and other tropical fruits)
– The price/value of this place is great!

Minus point
– Tempo of service is at times kind of slow
– Waitresses can seem a little indifferent there

I’d definitely recommend everybody to go here at least once, as this has become a “classic” for both locals and tourists. There is another Crepes y Waffles in Cartagena, located in the Mall Plaza el Castillo, close to the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

For more info. via TripAdvisor, click here.

Need To Know

Having become a regular 😉 my favorite Crepes y Waffles in Cartagena is the one that sits on the rooftops of the old city (map). It’s called Crepes y Waffles San Pedro. Its’ panoramic view of the lit-up cathedrals of Cartagena will take your breath away.

Bonne crêpe!

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