Top French food in Cartagena

Are you looking for top French food in Cartagena, Colombia? Montmartre is the place to go. This beautiful little restaurant is situated in the heart of the historic old town of Cartagena, close to a wonderful park called Parque Fernandez Madrid.

As we entered the restaurant, we open the doors to a cozy, Bohemian French bistro. As a Frenchman, I felt right back home in France 🙂 The restaurant is romantically cozy thanks to its’ French decor and music.

We ordered traditional paté appetizers which were absolutely delicious. For mains, I would recommend to try the beautifully cooked Magret Duck with its’ slightly sweet carrot puree. It was “to die” for as it was cooked to perfection. Coming from the Dordogne region, home to the Magret Duck, this was wonderfully prepared.

Not only was the food delicious but the plating, the design was fabulous. A treat for the eyes. Not to mention the owner, Valerie, who was very welcoming and the waiters, dressed with typical French stripped t-shirts and a beret, were warm and professional (unlike many restaurants in Cartagena).

For this quality of food, atmosphere & service, the price/value is spot on and would definitely recommend anybody who would be wanting a “French” experience in Cartagena.

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