Grab an ice cream at La Paletteria in Cartagena

Nothing is nicer than walking down the romantic and flowered streets of Cartagena hand in hand with your girlfriend on a Sunday afternoon, whilst enjoying a deliciously, refreshing ice cream in 32 °C heat (90ºF). And where else to get a good ol’ ice cream in Cartagena other than “La Paletteria” (map).


What’s Special

As soon as we entered this busy, little ice cream shop, our eyes devoured the choices of flavor that were available (flavors visible on photos below). My girlfriend ordered a delicious caramel-centered chocolate ice cream and I ordered a cheesecake ice cream. Absolutely delicious!

These ice creams also brought a little bit of nostalgia; reminding me of when I was kid, pressing orange juice with my mother, pouring the juice into the ice cream shaped plastic cones, putting them in the freezer and waiting to see my creation unfold a few hours later 🙂


Need To Know

Prices are about 5500 pesos (click to convert)


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