Supermarkets in Cartagena

As a foreigner, coming from the Netherlands where everything is close by and only a bike-ride away, I was very curious to know, where and how the supermarkets in Cartagena were.

I was surprised to see the good quality and low price of fresh products. Below is a quick “cheat sheet” of the different stores:

Existing supermarkets in Cartagena include Ara, Mega Tiendas, Jumbo, Exito, Carulla and Olimpica.



Food, electrical equipment, clothes, top quality products, good meat, good prices.



Good quality products, expensive compared to other supermarkets.



Cheap, in some stores you can only pay cash, look for the grilled chicken very nice (9.900 pesos) and the Bianchi (chocolates with caramel).



Outside of the old walled city, this place is cheap and offers similar products to Jumbo.


Mega Tiendas:

Lots of beautiful vegetables & fruit.



Have not been there yet.


Enjoy your grocery shopping 🙂


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